Erevan Amastacia

Male Half-Elf Warlock


Formerly the Half-Elf Royal Ambassador to a now fallen dynasty, Erevan now channels his Warlock powers through a Pact with the Archfey Selephra.

Selephra, The Bramble Queen


Erevan Amastacia remembers little before Rhodanthe.

She was the single most beautiful offering life could make to him. Her name translating “Flower of the Rose Bush,” he was enthralled by a charm more mesmerizing than any dancing snow drift and a singing voice unrivaled by nature itself. However, Rhodanthe was only human, so the amount of time the Half-Elf foresaw being forced to live after her human existence far exceeded the miniscule precious moments he got to experience with her. Shortly after celebrating their 67th year of life, Erevan sank into despair as Rhodanthe fell irreversibly ill. Formerly the Royal Ambassador to a now fallen dynasty, Erevan used all of the connections at his disposal searching for a means to prolong the life of his true love, but to no avail. In what seemed her last moments, Erevan collapsed at Rhodanthe’s bedside, desperate beyond measure. As her breath belabored, the room grew misty and distorted, and the Archfey Selephra presented herself to Erevan. A pact was formed upon Erevan’s sword, granting Rhodanthe unnaturally prolonged life so long as Erevan took up Selephra’s burden when called upon.

Erevan could not bring himself to leave Rhodanthe’s side. His fear of losing her was too great. True to their pact, Selephra stole Rhodanthe’s breath away, infusing it into Erevan’s sword, only to be heard when the sword’s wielder took up Selephra’s work. Erevan took up refuge in the wilderness, spending years alone in despair, all the while channeling new powers that began to manifest as a result of his patron’s pact. His nights were filled with visions of Selephra’s life, while his days were spent brooding over ways to discover Selephra’s purpose for him in the hope that he might be rewarded with the return of his true love.

Lately, the nightmares are cryptic and confusing at best. He sees images of Selephra’s father, the Green Lord, struggling with Queen Titania herself. There are images of dead children strewn across the Fey, Oberon’s bastard spawn no doubt, hunted by a jealous Titania. He sees a prince clothed in frost betraying Selephra, and Selephra fleeing to the mortal realm to seek refuge in the world of men. But the most disconcerting vision is a distraught Selephra presenting the Royal Seer with a baby, urging the Royal Council of Emyrlund to keep him safe until he could grow in power and return to her side. What secrets his the Royal Seer take to his grave? Erevan now travels the kingdom’s outskirts, seeking clarity at the bottom of tavern ale mugs and awaiting a revelation that will bring him closer to knowing The Bramble Queen’s will.

Erevan Amastacia

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