Tyranny of Dragons

Adventure #1: Big Trouble In Little Greenest

Calling all Cultists...

After making their way to Greenest village, our heroes found the village under attack by members of the Cult of the Dragon. The Cultists did not seem to be interested in taking prisoners or destroying the town, but rather in amassing as much loot as they could. This struck the heroes as odd, but who knows what nefarious ends the cultists are trying to bring?

After conferring with Commander Nighthill, the captain of the guard and governor of greenest, our heroes sought to liberate the town from the assault by the Cultists. They started by securing an abandoned sewer tunnel in which villagers could escape danger and find refuge in the watchtower with Captain Nighthill.

After securing the sewer tunnel, our heroes snuck through the forest, eluding roaming packs of Cult members, and snuck to the Temple of Chauntea where they bested a small group of Cult members trying to ram down the back door and procure the valuables inside. It was at the end of this encounter that our heroes were met by a half Elf Cleric who had been charged with protecting the villagers inside.



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